Why is IAMS so good for my pet?

IAMS is packed with high quality animal protein because IAMS understand that cats and dogs are true carnivores. In fact, IAMS ProActive Health* for cats contains a staggering 47% more animal protein than the top 2 leading brands**. Animed Direct provides the complete IAMS Cat and Dog pet food range, allowing you to make the right choice for your pets nutrition and completely cost effective.

Why is protein so important for a healthy, active life?

Animal protein is necessary for a healthy, active life because it provides a complete profile of essential amino acids. Amino acids are building blocks of protein and it’s the amino acids found within animal protein that our pets need.

Once eaten these amino acids help your pet’s body in many ways, including maintaining strong muscles and supporting a healthy skin and coat. One special amino acid called taurine is naturally found in high amounts in animal protein ingredients (especially in chicken and turkey) and is critical for normal heart muscle function and vision.

Chicken & Turkey is the No.1 protein

The no 1 ingredient in IAMS is a tasty blend of chicken and turkey. As ingredients are listed in order of their pre-cooked weight this means our blend of chicken and turkey is the most plentiful ingredient in IAMS Proactive Health. Chicken and turkey naturally provide essential amino acids like taurine, omega fats and vitamins and minerals and pets really enjoy the taste.

Animed Direct provide a the complete IAMS range, both wet and dry food, ensuring your pet is covered at every life stage, from Kitten, Adult and Mature cat. We also offer their specialised food that assist with weight control, multi cat’s and hairball care.

*Adult Rich in Succulent Roast Chicken dry cat food compared with GO Cat Chicken & Duck and Purina One Cat Adult Chicken and Rice.
**Top 2 leading brands sold in supermarkets based on IRI data for 52 weeks ending 31 Dec 2016